‘Change’ is a word we create in our Life 360° sessions

The world is moving faster by the day and this makes it harder than ever to keep up with what life throws our way. In a Life 360° coaching session, we will guide you to create positive changes in all areas of your life, through strategic decision making and re-modelling of how you ‘think’ about a situation, to move you forward. The word Kaizen means 'Change for the better' or 'Continuous improvement' which is part of our coaching methodology and commitment to you. 

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Who Needs Life 360° Coaching?

At Alex Hart KAIZEN we have clients who range from 11 years to adult. Life 360° coaching supports you in identifying key strategies for your life, so life ‘works’ for you, not life ‘running’ you.

When the balance in our lives dissipates, so does our state of mind. We lose direction, clarity and focus which leads to low self-esteem; which in turn can manifest in stress, anxiety and develop into depression. When this happens, we often look for quick fixes just to get through the day, week, month or even the whole year, building a life for short term pleasure, but long term pain.

By coming onto the Alex Hart KAIZEN Life 360° Coaching programme, our aim is to coach you in building a lifestyle which creates a platform for consistency for long term happiness and fulfilment.

Alex Hart KAIZEN Life coaching looks at the BIG picture ‘Life 360°’. We invite you to take the first step in creating positive change for you to live a happy and fulfilled life.


What Areas of Your Life Do We Focus On?

Together, we separate your life into 9 key areas;

-        Social & family relationships

-        Career & educational aspirations

-        Money & personal finances

-        Heath & wellness (nutrition, mind & body)

-        Recreation & leisure

-        Mental, emotional & inner wellbeing

-        Life’s routine responsibilities

-        Contribution to others

-        New experiences

Did you know statistics say 84% of the world is stressed out? By looking at these 9 key areas we can start to break down and understand what areas of your life are out of balance and what daily habits are not serving you. We will then set goals and improve those life areas one step at a time.

Do I receive support in between sessions?

Yes, Alex Hart Kaizen wants to ensure that you have access to support during and after your Life 360° Coaching sessions. You will have VIP access to our private members only Facebook group, where you can access support materials and discussions with other Life 360° Coaching members.

What is Life 360°‘s Approach to Life Coaching?

This is not a coaching session where we invite you to make radical change, at Alex Hart KAIZEN we believe this will only set you up for failure. Remember your ‘years’ of New year’s Resolutions? For many years you may have been making the same resolution! It doesn’t work.


Life 360°‘s approach follows the KAIZEN principles. One Step at a time, with continued improvement which will allows for greater longevity and long-term impact.


How Do You Get Started?


The journey starts with a complimentary consultation. The first meeting is completely free of charge. It gives you a taster for your coach and allows you to feel comfortable in their presence. The goal here is to get to know a little about you, your situation and you get to know your coach. You can ask questions and we explain more in depth about the programme to see if it is a good fit for you. After the session has come to a close, you are free to decide!


A crucial factor with Life Coaching is first knowing whether we can work together and decide if coaching is for you. We like to call it a having a synergy. You will know from our first meeting whether a synergy was created. When this happens communication flows and you are open to progression.

How is Life 360° Coaching Conducted?

Zoom.us is a platform we like to host our Life 360° Coaching sessions on. There is a free app, you can download it to your mobile phone or tablet or via an internet browser.


Life 360° Coaching is for 60 minutes per session. We ask you to be somewhere private, where you can talk openly without interruption. If you live in a busy household or are at work in a busy office environment maybe walk to the nearest open space or a park bench which can be a great solution.

You just need 4G.


Hosting meetings via Zoom allows flexibility and ease for you to attend all your Life 360° Coaching sessions.

What is the Life 360° Process?

After the consultation, we agree on an 8-week ‘Getting Started’ contract. The contract is for 1 Life 360° Coaching session per week. Once the agreement is signed, you will receive your personal Alex Hart KAIZEN Life 360° Coaching Welcome Pack.


In the Welcome Pack, is a Life 360° Workbook for you to assess your starting point within the 9 key life areas from a scale of 1-10. You will also receive a personalised ‘Life 360° progression tracker’. This tracker will play a crucial role throughout your coaching journey. In life you can’t balance what you can’t measure. This will be explained in more detail through your sessions.


Before each Life Coaching session, you chose 1 of your Key Life Areas to focus on. You are the leader in your life, and you know what is true to you. Together we will commit to improving this key area so your life works.


How Many Sessions Will You Need?


The Life 360° Programme is designed in 8-week blocks. This approach allows you to build consistency with your development and keeps you on track with your progression, goals and actions. Of course, if you wish to book another 8-week Life 360° Programme you are free to choose to further your life coaching experience.


We look forward to welcoming you to Alex Hart KAIZEN Life 360° Coaching. Start your journey now with a complimentary consultation.